Thursday, August 24, 2017

Building Still Standing

A Friend and I traveled to the back woods of Alabama to locate her Great Grand Father's Land. To our suprise there were 3 buildings still standing. We stop and looked and begin to feel the presence of this family. There was nothing around just a long over grown road with birds and blue sky. The trip was worth it. We plan to do it again soon. 

Finding that needle in a haystack is still an awsome memory.
Members of the BAAGG Group.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Remembering the Place where my Ancestors were Baptized . The Creek back in the late 1870's

We should take that Trip back to our Ancestors Hometown.

Cedar Creek

Take me back, Take me back dear Lord to the Place where they/I first received you, is a song that grandmother used to sing.

BAAGG August Class Meeting

Placing your Hands on History is the Greatest Thing of all especially when it is your Family.

 Old Birth records still in a Box at one County Court House makes the trip worth while.

  It is time to plan those Summer Road Trips back to your Ancestors homeland  Let's Hit the Road!